• Do I have to pay money to work with Arri Taylor Management?

    If we’ve scouted you, we do not ask you for any money. Our money comes from the agency and brands that we place you with. Our only request is that you give this 100% of your effort. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity and given the chance, we hope that you can take it and run with it.

  • Do I need professional photograph’s, portfolio or classes to start modeling?

    You do not need to invest in professional pictures to meet with and be evaluated by a professional scout or agent. You don’t need to spend money on services, classes, or management advice to become a model.

  • Do I need experience?

    No, models starting out do not need extensive experience. Some of our models come to us with no previous experience while others have years in the business but are looking for new representation.

  • Are you a modeling school?

    No, we are not a modeling school. We are a talent management company, which means, our job is to secure work for the model. That is our PRIMARY function.

  • How much work can I expect from the Agency?

    We are not casting directors therefore; all casting decisions are made by our clients and depend upon the advertising/marketing needs of the product project. As such, we do not guarantee every model work.